26.03. - 29.03.2018 IN BERLIN
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Great to see how PoCs can be build in just 5 days. IoT is the accelerator for Blockchain.
Michael F. Spitz
Commerzbank AG
25.08. - 29.08.2017 IN FRANKFURT
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Decentralized Drone Network
Privately-owned drones earn money by delivering packages. While making their rounds, they are able to charge themselves on decentralized charging stations (such as private homes) through the use of induction pads. The drone pays for the charge with Ether to the charging station, allowing its owner to profit. The money earned from every drone delivery goes back to its owner which can use it to pay for charging, along with drone maintenance and upgrades to their UAVs.
Self-managed Parking
Say farewell to parking lot attendants and obtrusive exit points at garages with this breakthrough. Each parking spot charges Ether depending on the amount of time the car remains there. There's no interaction necessary; just park the car to start the timer and drive away to end it. The car does the rest. This tech would be perfect for autonomous, electrically-powered fleets combined with car spots with built-in induction pads for charging.
Automatic Bartender
The days of fighting your way through a crowd to order a drink are over. Scanning a Q Code from your phone initiates a smart contract that is fulfilled when you pay for your drink of choice in Ether. Once the blockchain confirms that the entered amount equals the cost of the drink, it is dispersed into your waiting glass. Cheers!
Pallet Tracking
With more than 10 billion pallets on the road each day, companies raise concerns over transparency of ownership, quality, and authenticity of pallets as they exchange hands via deliveries and pickups. PalletSwap uses smart sensors and a private blockchain to ensure these three factors are all met. QR codes allow the two companies involved to perform a handshake verifying what has been transferred.
"Incredible Team Quality and inspiring results for such a short period of time - great organisation!"
Balint Tolnay
Rouven Heck
Dominik Schiener
Co-Founder IOTA
Michael Spitz
Head of BlockchainLab Commerzbank AG
Nico Konrad
CEO DLT Capital