What's included in the price of admission?
Access to and education in Raspberry Pi and HiKey hardware sets, sensors, and actors with multiple I/O channels.
Control of a set of real products to connect to including solar panels, RFID readers, charging stations for electric cars, smart meters, etc.
Join a team of IT developers and business specialists to create a business model, working prototype, website, and video showcasing your product.
Network with other blockchain, IoT, and business leaders and enthusiasts.
A variety of educational courses, speeches, workshops, and more to increase your knowledge.
A Blockchain Camp certificate sure to augment your resume.
Student - IT
300€ (+20,81€ VAT & FEE)
Student - Business
300€ (+20,81€ VAT & FEE)
Regular - IT
600€ (+40,85€ VAT & FEE)
Regular - Business
600€ (+40,85€ VAT & FEE)
Corporate - IT
1900€ (+125,53€ VAT & FEE)
Corporate - Business
1900€ (+125,53€ VAT & FEE)
200,00€ (+14,27 VAT & FEE)
A stipend is being offered to camp attendees. You can apply for it by clicking the button above and filling ou the Google Form attached. Your answers and your CV will be reviewed to determine if you qualify for the stipend. 
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